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24/7 software development kit (SDK) is another step towards 24/7 carbon-free grid.


Track and match renewable energy, on a 24/7 basis

In light of increasing interest for highly granular renewables accounting and sourcing, Energy Web (EW) in cooperation with select members is developing a 24/7 software toolkit, EW’s first set of open-source software development kit (SDK) to track and match renewable electricity generation and consumption on a 24/7 level. EW is adding these features under the umbrella of the existing EW Origin SDK and the new Green Proofs component.

Clean energy

Rationale for 24/7 clean energy

In a nutshell, 24/7 renewables means tracing energy consumption on a highly granular level (e.g., 30 minutes) as opposed to net/annual basis and ensuring it is covered or “matched” with clean energy sources to the fullest extent. Corporates like Google and Microsoft (i.e. those who achieved their net renewables targets and have massive electricity consumption in countries with competitive renewable energy markets) promote a 24/7 carbon-free energy strategy for several reasons. Matching energy consumption with carbon-free generation within the same granular time frame (e.g., an hour) as opposed to a year provides much more accurate information about the company’s carbon footprint from energy consumption.


EW-DOS for 24/7 clean energy

There is a clear emerging market need for highly granular renewable energy procurement. Recognizing this, EW, in partnership with select members, leveraged existing open-source EW-DOS components to build the first version of the 24/7 SDK. The focus of the SDK is to enable the first necessary step towards drastic decarbonization: granular and real-time transparency of energy consumption and generation.

Clean energy

Example of a decentralized application for 24/7 clean energy

Based on the joint projects with select members (see below for more details), EW identified common generic functionalities that a digital application for 24/7 clean energy would benefit from in any market. These requirements derived from the projects and conversations with various stakeholders (renewable energy generators, consumers, grid operators, tracking standards) guided the development of the 24/7 SDK, which provides the common groundwork for companies interested in building dApps for the 24/7 use case. For more information about the current and missing functionalities of the toolkit, refer here.

Reference projects

Below are the example projects where the 24/7 toolkit was used to build dApps helping consumers with their first steps towards 24/7 clean energy.

Elia’s Proof of Concept of Granular Green Tracking

Elia Group and Energy Web (EW) successfully executed a proof of concept (PoC) around 24/7 green energy tracking under the existing innovation partnership. Elia’s objective is to offer a solution aligned with its customer-centric electricity system vision that improves renewable energy traceability by meeting the future’s requirements of granularity and locality.
EW’s tech stack provided the blockchain-based certification system and P2P marketplace that Elia’s PoC required. The results demonstrate that the technology is application ready and compatible with the EoEB hub.  More information about Elia’s work in the 24/7 traceability and this PoC.
The PoC incorporates the use of blockchain-based tokens representing granular renewable energy certificates (GCs) onto Elia’s ‘Exchange of Energy Blocks’ (EEOB) hub. The EEOB hub allows for real-time energy transactions between consumers, generators and other market parties. However, granular proof of the origin of the transacted energy was a missing component in the EEOB hub. The PoC showed Elia that its EEOB hub’s transactions would be enriched with GCs.

Pilot transparency platform in Japan with SB Energy

EW and SB Energy, one of Japan’s largest renewables companies, are implementing a pilot to test technical functionalities and a business case for providing Japanese electricity consumers with the origin of their electricity on a 24/7 basis. Due to increasing and more stringent municipal decarbonization targets, the concept of local 24/7 clean energy is becoming more relevant in Japan. To meet this market demand, EW and SB Energy are developing a blockchain-based transparency platform for tracking the generation of numerous renewable energy assets and the consumption of consumers.
The main functionalities of the platform include digital onboarding of all the relevant users, assets, and organizations; real-time data collection on a 30-minutes basis; matching of consumption and generation based on specific consumer criteria; and intuitive reporting for all the users.

Proof-of-concept with Shell

In response to our customers’ changing needs and the movement towards 24/7 green energy, Shell is pleased to be partnering with Energy Web to develop functionalities which aim to provide 24/7 insights on renewable electricity consumption. The solution is designed to match energy production and consumption on a half-hourly basis along the energy supply chain in a transparent, trusted way. Such a solution would be complementary to and work alongside the existing Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) schemes.
As a first step, Shell successfully concluded a Proof of Concept to showcase the technical feasibility and customer value proposition of granular matching of renewable energy using blockchain technology. The Proof of Concept involves:
collecting generation and consumption data via a standardised API protocol;
matching generation with consumption;
automating issuance of energy attribute certificates (EACs) at kWh level;
automating transfers and retirement of Energy Attribute Certificates;
User-friendly performance tracking and reporting.
The data for the Proof of Concept came from Shell energy generation assets and consumption sites in The Netherlands.
The main functionalities of the platform include digital onboarding of all the relevant users, assets, and organizations; real-time data collection on a 30-minutes basis; matching of consumption and generation based on specific consumer criteria; and intuitive reporting for all the users.
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