ENGIE Energy Access:

Sub-Saharan Africa has the world’s lowest energy access rate—with over half of its people unconnected. Bringing life-saving clean electricity to hundreds of millions of people on the subcontinent requires grand-scale innovation.

As a leading off-grid, Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) and mini-grid solutions provider, that is what ENGIE Energy Access offers. They have already transformed 6 million lives in 9 countries. They aim to impact 20 million by 2025. The Energy Web tech stack will help them get there.

Energy Web

Since Energy Web’s founding in early 2017, ENGIE has been a long-term partner and innovator: They were among the founding affiliates that helped launch the Energy Web Foundation. They’ve hosted a validator node for the Energy Web Chain since the chain’s launch in mid-2019. And ENGIE subsidiary TEO: The Energy Origin was the first company to migrate their app onto the EW Chain later that year.
Now ENGIE is harnessing the potential of the Energy Web tech stack again.
In the first phase, a crowdfunding platform to be developed by Energy Web will allow micro-investors to finance the installation of clean energy assets by staking Energy Web Tokens (EWT), the native token of the EW Chain. This setup will unlock capital from the global cryptocurrency market, bringing a significant new source of capital to clean energy deployment in Africa.
In the second phase, clean energy assets such as solar home systems and appliances will get DIDs anchored to the EW Chain. As sub-Saharan Africa ultimately electrifies, this could make possible cutting-edge approaches to asset management, financing repayment, and local energy markets.

ENGIE: In their own words

With the broadest range of clean energy products and services available on the continent, we cover every customer need, while protecting the environment and accelerating the green energy transition. We are passionately inclusive so that our innovative solutions remain affordable—while performing to the highest level. As part of ENGIE, we are the long-term partner to Africa for its growing population's energy needs.

Solutions to Empower Communities

Solar Home Systems

We offer the widest range of PAYG solar home systems throughout Africa. Our high-quality energy solutions cover home and business needs from 10W to 200W. Our systems are financed by affordable loans paid through mobile money from just $0.19 per day. Our advanced product engineering and inclusive credit model ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

Fully integrated Software Suite

Paygee, our innovative, inhouse-developed software suite, allows entrepreneurs to kick-start a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGo) business and run last-mile distribution for any prod-uct worldwide, while giving true visibility on customer behavior. The suite has been proven for 10 years, with more than 1.2 mil-lion devices managed via the platform.


We enable socio-economic development in rural off-grid communities by installing and operating solar mini-grids: Smart electricity meters connect thousands of users to clean energy, which can be paid for from anywhere on a pay-as-you-go basis. We also provide access to productive use appliances for local entrepreneurs so they can run income-generating businesses that best serve their communities.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Mission
Deliver life-changing, affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions with exceptional customer experience.
Our Purpose
Improve quality of life and economic potential of grid-deficient communities.
Our Ambition
Be a leading decentralized energy company that impacts 20 million lives by 2025.
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