Energy Web Ambassadors are passionate members of the community who innovate, build, educate, and contribute to the next generation of energy—and beyond.

WHAT is an Energy Web Ambassador?

Co-create with us
Deliver life-changing, affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions with exceptional customer experience.
Build and innovate
The public, open-source Energy Web tech stack is your canvas to build out new, innovative features and solutions.
Helping community members
Bring to life the mantra that #WeAreEnergyWeb.
Self-defined Responsibilities
Be a leading decentralized energy company that impacts 20 million lives by 2025.

WHO can become an EW Ambassador?

There's no single formula for being a great EW Ambassador. But it does help if you're some combination of:
Tech- and/or crypto-savvy
Willing to help others
Active in community channels such as Twitter, Telegram, and Discord

WHY become an EW Ambassador?

Be part of a great team
The Energy Web team, members, and community are passionate innovators who are changing the world—starting with the energy sector, and going far beyond it.
Get access and support
As an EW Ambassador, you'll have insider access to the Energy Web team, including support ranging from brand and marketing assets to tech support.
Make the world greener
While many in the media are focused on how Bitcoin can become greener, our Energy Web mission is far bigger—we're unlocking the potential of blockchain to accelerate the global clean energy transition and make the worldwide economy greener.
Earn rewards
Ambassadors can earn Energy Web swag and other rewards.

How does it work?

EW Ambassadors can put their proposed initiatives on a dedicated Trello / other board for campaign and goal management. When you finish your tasks, you level up. It's that simple!
New ambassador
Needs to finish at least 3 tasks
Can moderate chats and communities
Gets an intro reward package when tasks are complete (e.g., limited edition EW Ambassador t-shirt and/or other swag)
Has access to weekly stand-ups on Discord with other Ambassadors!
More-trusted member
Has finished at least 8 tasks successfully
Have done tasks like community / enterprise engagement
Will get rewards for tasks (EWT)
Has access to weekly stand-ups (active participation desired)
Trusted, known (mini KYC) member of the community
Gets funding for hackathons and can talk about EW as a community ambassador
Can have an overseer role in Discord
Finished at least 20 tasks successfully
Will get rewards for tasks (EWT)

Apply to become an EW Ambassador

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